Dr. Aaron Wenzel, M.D.

Dr. Aaron Wenzel, M.D.

Founder and CEO

As both a Family and Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Wenzel has seen firsthand the devastating effects obesity has had on thousands of his patients.

He founded Bariform on 2 principles: Educate and Empower — the keys to making real, life-long change.

As a professional student for nearly 15 years, he certainly understands the value of education. However, one of his guiding principles in life is that knowledge is NOT power — it is only potential power. He believes that it is only when knowledge leads us to take action that we experience power.

His passion is to see people to make powerful decisions that literally change their destiny.

Dr. Wenzel is committed to proactively treating the disease of obesity and restoring his patients’ joy and quality of life.

Craig Turner, BA

COO and Creative Director

Craig Turner joined the Bariform family upon recognizing the need for global change in the obesity epidemic.

With a singular focus on changing the state of health and the treatment of weight loss one person at a time, Bariform is the perfect fit.

Originally from New Orleans, he is both dynamic and culturally diverse. An innovative professional with experience leading the creative for broadcast, print, digital display, landing pages, and social media.

With a Bachelor’s in Communications from Louisiana Tech University, Craig leads the creation, operation, and consumption of all content and materials.
“The single greatest gift we can give our consumers, is our creative collective. That is how you make a service or product that keeps on giving.”

Jennifer Justus, BSN, BA

Jennifer Justus, BSN, BA

Program Director and Master Level Breakthrough Coach

Jennifer joined the Bariform team as Program Director in January 2015. An Ohio native, she relocated to Nashville with her husband from Canton, Ohio where she worked as a Registered Nurse in various clinical and management positions for 20 years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Ohio University and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Malone University. Jennifer’s passion for obesity medicine was ignited when she became for Program Director for Aultman Hospital’s weight management program in 2005. There, she helped hundreds of overweight and obese patients improve their health and well-being. Jennifer is excited to bring her knowledge, skills, and compassion to Bariform to help you become the very best version of yourself.

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