Living with Diabetes
A New Solution, Not More Insulin

By: Dr. Aaron Wenzel, MD


It is a disease that everyone has heard of…

And one that most certainly affects either your life or the life of someone you love dearly. It’s the fastest growing disease worldwide and no disease will outpace its growth over the next 20 years!

Not high blood pressure.
Not high cholesterol.
Not heart attacks or strokes.
Not even cancer.

It is THE number one health issue in the modern world.

And it’s number one by a long shot! It is estimated that it costs the US healthcare system alone 150 billion dollars a year. That’s billion, with a “B” — and that’s just the costs that we can measure! Just to be clear, that’s nearly 10x the annual deficit of the state of California every year. Yeah, you guessed it…


Diabetes, by definition, is your body’s inability to normalize blood sugars. And there are 2 types of diabetes:

Type 1 = Thin And No Insulin Production. This type represents less than 10% of all diabetics. A type 1 diabetic is typically diagnosed as a young child, has the risk of life-threatening diabetic comas, is very thin, and has a pancreas that does not produce the hormone, insulin.

Type 2 = Heavy And A Massive Overproduction of Insulin. This type represents over 90% of all diabetics, and is the primary driver of 80% of Western diseases. A type 2 diabetic is typically diagnosed as an adult, is struggling with an unhealthy weight, is starting to have other health concerns like, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and possibly even thyroid problems. This type is caused from a severe resistance to the insulin that your pancreas makes, which ultimately drives a massive overproduction of insulin!

The Center for Disease Control says that 10% of the US adult population is currently diabetic. With another
25% of the adult population already being prediabetic and pediatric obesity rates skyrocketing, getting a handle on diabetes isn’t a “should” anymore.

So What Does This Have To Do With You?

Everything, actually. Chances are, it likely snuck up on you by surprise — out of nowhere. It was never fully explained by to you by your doctor, and it’s always getting worse. No amount of diet or exercise seems to make a difference. Everyone seems to make it sound like the solution is so easy! It started when…

Your Doctor Told You That You Were Borderline.

And that all you needed to do was, “eat less and exercise more”. But that doesn’t work for you — you’ve already tried that. After all, it’s the universal advice for anyone trying to lose weight or get healthy.

6 Months Later You’re On Oral Diabetes Medication.

  • You followed the diabetic diet.
  • You attended the diabetic classes.
  • You took your diabetic medications.
  • You exercised.
  • You followed ALL the rules.


  • Your blood sugars continued to rise.
  • Your weight continued to climb.
  • Your blood pressure worsened.
  • Your cholesterol levels rose.
  • AND, your frustration has gone through the roof!

12 Months Later You’re On Insulin.

And feeling sicker than ever! But your doctor continues to tell you to “eat less and exercise more”. In other words, to keep doing what you’re doing! Is it any surprise that..

12 Months Later You’re On Even MORE Insulin!

And so the cycle goes. With each and every year that passes, your weight is becoming harder and harder to control, and all your disease are getting worse! The truth is, for YOU and for anyone who is struggling with diabetes… This is the narrative.

Adding More Insulin Is ALWAYS Their Answer!

Changing this pattern has to be a MUST for us all or else the consequences will be devastating. We can not keep ignoring what is happening, listening to the same old tired advice that we are being given by the “experts”, and simply hoping and praying that things change!

What If There Was A Solution That WASN’T Insulin?!

Great question! There is an answer that isn’t “eat less and exercise more” or “we need to add more insulin”. So, what’s the answer then?

I’ve created this FREE Online Training Series, where I break it all down!

Go here to find out more.

In the training, we establish that sugar is the preferred source of fuel or energy in the entire universe because of how easily it is consumed, burned, and stored. I’ll also show you that in nature, ALL nutrition (no matter what it is) is either:

  1. Proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Or Carbohydrates.

No exceptions! Said another way, if something isn’t a protein or a fat – it is a carbohydrate. Not because it’s good or bad, or right or wrong — but because it has to be.

As A Diabetic You Can’t Miss This Concept And Win.

In the training, we will also learn that all carbohydrates are sugars, plus or minus fiber. Which means that when you eat carbohydrates, we get the benefit of fiber being free and going into the toilet, but all the rest of the carbohydrate that is left is just sugar. These are the hidden sugars! Did you catch that? We consume hidden sugars every day!

Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal…

As a person with diabetes, you have to stabilize your blood sugar. Your body can’t normalize it’s blood sugars on it’s own. When you eat things that are sugar (whether “free” or “hidden”), they raise your blood sugar, adding fat to your body and making your disease worse!

All Excess Sugar Is Converted Into Fat

All of it! And that is NOT GOOD. Interested in learning more? Check out our free video training series!

Be on the lookout for my next post on Living With Diabetes. In it, I’ll be explaining what is sugar, exactly. Are there different kinds? If so, what are they and does knowing the differences between them even matter? Till then, take back the control in your life that you so desperately deserve!

All my best — Dr Wenzel, MD