I’m sort of a caffeineaholic. Its true, and I’ll be the first to admit it — I can’t start my day without that wonderful cup of Joe. It beckons me at the beginning of every morning, reminding me that without it I’ll be slugging through the day with weary eyes and a slight headache.

What I know, but choose to ignore, is that my caffeine addiction is likely responsible for the sluggish behavior and withdrawal headaches.

We all have our vices to help us get through the midday slump. Yours might be a cup of tea, a processed sugary treat, or perhaps it’s found in that energy drink you throwback secretly while hiding out in the office hallway.

Either way, it’s not always great for you. Especially if you rely on it every day like I tend to. Thankfully, there are natural ways to get you pumped up. They’re not necessarily as easy as grabbing a latte to go, but they’re much healthier for your organs and definitely way cheaper.

I recently came across a few life hacks that offer healthy alternatives to energy boosts. So save some cash and give your kidneys a break by trying out these natural energizers.

Peppermint. While most essential oils are used for relaxing purposes or curing sickness, peppermint oil will wake you up. Breathe it in, use it in body wash or burn a peppermint candle for a natural morning wake-up.

Water. Believe it or not, but drinking a large glass of water when you wake up — as well as staying thoroughly hydrated all day — will keep you vibrant. Add a splash of lemon to it to keep your immune system energized as well.

Lemon. Not just to be added to your water, if you bite directly into a slice its citrus flavor will pump you up.

Walk. Taking a walk is an easy, and healthy way to get your blood flowing. It’ll wake you up and help you burn a few extra calories in the process.

Shower. If you’re struggling to feel fully awake in the morning, try taking a hot, then cold, then hot, then cold again shower. It’ll give your system the jolt it needs without the caffeine.

Nap. It’s a tried and true method for a reason. Take 10-20 minutes of rest and it’ll pep you up without throwing off your night’s sleep.

Eat regularly. Giving your body the fuel it needs, when it needs it, will keep you energized. And be sure to give it the best fuel possible, i.e. power greens and colorful vegetables.

These natural hacks won’t be quite the same as that steaming cup of coffee, but it’ll wake you up without the inevitable caffeine crash.

Hope it helps!